People talk about how hard long distance relationships are but nobody talks about the struggle of long distance friendships. I would give my left leg right now to just be able to sit in our pjs and watch movies or to just be able to give a big fucking hug. 

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“The monster never gets a happy ending.”


       “ If you think that I’m going to stay and support that —-… thing, then you don’t know me. I signed up for a nice fuck whenever I asked for it, not a child. So, you can deal with it. 

  It was impossible in Malik’s mind that he had gotten someone pregnant, he was sure he was protected in every way shape, or form during sexual intercourse. The raven wasn’t going to be involved in the child’s life, he wasn’t remotely an ideal fatherly figure and his profession — which involved more than a few illegal notions — was far from a suitable one to support and raise a child. His tone was stern and the given expression was none other than dead-serious. Unless Malik had a giant uncharacteristic change of heart; this was how his decision was remaining.



     Keziah wasn’t exactly having the time of her life right now; she’d moved away from her supposed best friends house and nobody had seemed to notice! The guy she was head over heels in love with didn’t want to see her and had been with other people alongside saying he was in love with her. Frankly, she was a mess and living in a shelter for young people with not many prospects. There she was, sitting on the bench with a coffee in her hand, Keziah didn’t exactly look her best! She was in ripped jeans and a massive sweatshirt and trainers with not a spot of make up upon her puffy face —- it was a rough time, and crying was a regular part of daily life. Yet, the second a hand appeared on her thigh, she couldn’t deny it scared her—- she jumped and raised her hand as if to protect herself! Yet, only seconds later as she caught on as to whom was sitting with her, her heartbeat rapidly relaxed and her tiny frame melted back happily into the seat. Elijah! Her old saviour — the guy whom had helped her get onto her feet after life on the streets. A soft smile flourished upon her plump lips as she averted her oceanic optics glanced over to him.  

      ❛Eli! ——— Uhm, yeah, I’m—— Shit, it’s good to see ye’, shitface! I missed ye’.❜

  It wasn’t particularly a pleasant surprise, simply due to the fact that Keziah didn’t seem to be in the happiest of states. Elijah was the one who scooped her up and helped her get back onto her feet last time and honestly? He would be more than happy to assist her with anything she needs all over again! Despite not hearing or seeing the blonde for a while, he was always going to be quick to have a chat and a bit of banter because, well, they’re simply always going to have a small, tight-knit bond due to their hardships they had shared together! At Keziah’s startle, he did let out a rumbling chuckle and hoped that she would laugh, too. She looked like she needed it. Hearing that his old friend wasn’t in a good spot, he would be lying if he said his heart didn’t clench slightly; he wore his heart on his sleeve — not that he’d ever admit it — and hated seeing people he cared for in bad places. With a frown and concerned expression plastered over his face, the raven tried to lighten the slightly unhappy conversation with a little joke or two! Slinging an arm around her neck, a cheeky little smile now spreading softly upon his plump lips.

       “ Ah, fuck—- tell Ellie-Boy what happened, aye? Good t’ see ya’ too, babe! Would’ve preferred to see ya’ happy though, like. I missed ya’, yeah. ” 

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       “ If you can’t smell that smell, you definitely need to get your senses looked at. It’s horrible — ! 

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  It’d been a long day for Elijah. With a drug run and assisting with a gun run, it wasn’t particularly a relaxing form of work! The beach was his escape; no one knew how he wound down here after a stressful day. It was a little bit of a secret and guilty pleasure of his that he dared not reveal. Walking along the usual path he took, his emerald hues fell upon a familiar looking blonde, who seemed to look far from cheery. Not only that, but he knew her! It did take a while to register the name, but once he had, Elijah moved to sit next to her on the bench, his hand gently patting her thigh for a split second in an innocent and more caring notion.

       'Ello, 'ello. ——- Ye' okay, like? Uh… Keziah, innit? ”